About the School


Professor Annika Hinze

At the School of Computing and Mathematical Sciences we strive to challenge our students and are proud to see them emerge with qualifications that assist them along the path they have planned for their future.

Our aim is to prepare you for a wide variety of careers, equipping you with the skills for academic and professional success. We offer three and four-year degree undergraduate programmes that are based on a strong foundation in the computing and mathematical sciences. The School tries to ensure its papers and qualifications are relevant and up-to-date in what is a rapidly changing technological and social environment.

In 2016 our School became the first and only New Zealand member of the international group of iSchools - a partnership of the world's leading information schools. World-class researchers and facilities underpin unique collaborations within our School, across campus, and with the wider world. These collaborations bring together creative minds, unique technologies, and degree structures tailored to your interests and skills.

A qualification from the University of Waikato in Computer Science, Mathematics, Data Analytics, Software Engineering or Design can open many doors. Both in New Zealand and overseas, our former students are using their training to make a significant contribution to the world we live in.

We welcome all of our potential new students, and look forward to seeing you complete your studies and go on to future success in your career.

Professor Annika Hinze
Head of School
School of Computing and Mathematical Sciences

School Background

The School of Computing and Mathematical Sciences was formed in 1987, renamed the Faculty of Computing and Mathematical Sciences at the beginning of 2010, and has now returned to being called the School of Computing and Mathematical Sciences. As in 1987, the School has two departments - the Department of Computer Science and the Department of Mathematics and Statistics.

With the formation of the School, a new four year honours degree, the Bachelor of Computing and Mathematical Sciences, was offered. The School also offered the Bachelor of Science, a three year degree.

In 2002, the School started offering two additional degrees: the Bachelor of Engineering with Honours (BE(Hons)) and the Bachelor of Computer Graphic Design (BCGD). In the BE (Hons) degree, students can enrol in the Software Engineering programme. Other engineering programmes are offered by the School of Engineering. In 2018, the Bachelor of Design was introduced, replacing the BCGD. This degree has the four majors of Communication DesignIndustrial DesignInterface Design and Media Design.

In 2014 we celebrated the 25th anniversary of the internet in New Zealand - an achievement made possible in 1989 with the help of the School.

We also launched New Zealand's first MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) in 2013 and have introduced the country's first Cyber Security Lab and Master of Cyber Security.  In 2016, the School was accepted as a member of iSchools, making it the first iSchool in New Zealand.