Our Students


Lillian Balfour

Ecology and Biodiversity
"I have learned so much, the social science and policy side to climate change had a big impact on how I think about climate change, especially when combined with the Indigenous Studies paper - it reinforces how climate justice is also a social justice issue."

Zac Isaac

Economics, Mathematics
""No matter the subject I was studying, my lecturers have always been friendly, helpful, and experts in their fields.""

Cameron Pearce

Data Analytics, Mathematics, Physics
"I love the sheer variety of subjects my degree has offered throughout my study. I’ve learnt new skills and ways of thinking that would have otherwise been difficult without the structure of a degree to guide me."

Chao Qin

"I really enjoyed my time at Waikato; my studies helped me decide that mathematics research would be my future."

Dale Townsend

Data Analytics, Statistics
"The University has good connections to organisations and businesses in Hamilton, and a great work placement program for maths and statistics which made the transition into my career really easy."

Rory Mitchell

Computer Science
"I would recommend studying computer science at Waikato University. I believe we have high quality courses on offer, particularly at the postgraduate level, taught by world experts in several fields."

Jarrod Broughton

Computer Science, Mathematics
"My experience as an adult learner has been excellent. I have had excellent mathematics department mentors who are always eager to help. I can see a big space between where I was and where I am now and every year that gets bigger and bigger and that’s what I love."

Ragavan Rajan

Computer Science
"I've had extraordinary support from my lecturers, who are all extremely knowledgeable. I’ve also really enjoyed the 24/7 lab facilities and library which keep me busy and focussed."

Jesse Read

Computer Science, Software Engineering
"Waikato was local and it had a good reputation, particularly in computer science."

Keziah Achshah Guha

"I’ve always been interested in Cyber Security, and being able to get a master’s under my belt was always the dream."

Dylan Exton

Computer Science, Software Engineering
"I really enjoyed working alongside my supervisors. They made the task much more enjoyable and gave me guidance where it was needed."

Jianhao Zhou

Computer Science
"I looked at other universities, but chose Waikato because it is friendly and not too big... Waikato has a lot of diversity, with a lot of students from different countries, which I really like."

Youyou Gao

Computer Graphic Design
Youyou Gao says her design degree from the University of Waikato helped her get to where she is now - working as a user experience designer at Westpac in Auckland.

Becky Dawson-Smith

Computer Science
"I like that studying Computer Science allows me to utilise my analytical and problem solving skills, but also gives me opportunities to be creative."

Jon Allitt

Computer Graphic Design, Computer Science
Since 1998 Jon has worked at Weta Digital on the visual effects for many well-known movies, including The Lord of the Rings trilogy, King Kong, Avatar, and most recently Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit trilogy.

Gian Perrone

Computer Science
"The highlight for me was making that transition from standing back in awe at the cutting edge of computer science to being actively involved in it, and now my career is helping define the ways in which computing and information enrich our lives."

Steven McTainsh

Computer Science
Steven's role as a Mobile and Web Developer for Wellington company Alphero, involves developing iPhone and iPad apps, as well as mobile websites for clients like TVNZ, State Insurance, Westpac New Zealand and Vodafone.

Sjoerd de Feijter

Computer Science
Sjoerd de Feijter began an internship with Gallagher, after being awarded the Sir William Gallagher Cyber Security Scholarship.

Simon Campbell

Software Engineering
University of Waikato software engineering graduate Simon Campbell is enjoying his job as a developer at Hamilton company Enlighten Designs.

Sam Thompson

Computer Graphic Design
Sam has always been interested in both the creative and computing sides of design...

Kerry Arts

Computer Science
Recent University of Waikato Computer Science graduate Kerry Arts, is enjoying his role as a software engineer for Smartrak Ltd in Hamilton.

Kelly Wilson

Computer Graphic Design
Kelly chose the Bachelor of Computer Graphic Design because of its strong design focus and programming component.

Gage Hall

Computer Graphic Design
Former Hamilton Boys’ High School student Gage Hall is in the final year of a Bachelor of Computer Graphic Design at the University of Waikato.

Gabe Young

Computer Science
Gabe completed his BCMS (First Class Honours) in 2011 and went to work at Microsoft HQ in Seattle, USA.

Claudia Wu

Computer Science, Data Analytics, Mathematics
University of Waikato Computer Science graduate Claudia Wu spends her days making sense of numbers, to ensure ANZ are lending responsibly.

Carlin St Pierre

Computer Science
Being awarded one of ten Computer Science Fees Scholarships in his first year set Carlin St Pierre up for success.

Laura Bocock

Computer Science
Laura spends her day training and mentoring others in concepts and tools for change leadership and improvement.

Giri Selvanathan

Computer Science
"I wanted to learn more about cybersecurity, and to study it in-depth. After researching options in New Zealand, where I was keen to move to study, I saw the University of Waikato was the only university that offered a dedicated qualification in cybersecurity, so my mind was made up."

Katie Trigg

"I like that everything is on one, beautiful campus and there is direct communication between the lecturers and the students."

Harpreet Singh

Computer Science
"The University of Waikato and New Zealand have given me so many new experiences and exceeded my expectations on every level."

Brandon Hutcheson

Computer Science
"It’s essential we stay ahead of the game, because if our customers are doing something we haven’t thought of, then we’re not doing our job properly. We’re constantly having to pivot."

Kiran Kaur

Economics, Mathematics
"Going to Waikato helped me to not only find some great friends but also forge fantastic professional connections all of whom helped me make the decision to go into teaching after my Bachelors."

Zubair Moughal


Fahim Rahim

"I really like the structure of the PhD programme at the University of Waikato, where you can start research from the very first day. Also, the staff are very helpful and welcoming and the library and student support services are excellent."

Martin Church

"Waikato has a great reputation in this field, so obtaining a BCMS(Hons) from Waikato, especially with First-Class Honours, certainly helps me to stand out"

Chadi El-Merheb

"Datacom is an amazing company to work for. The team environment is very friendly and everyone is ready to help, teach and learn. The university has a good reputation as a computer science educational institution and after finishing my bachelor’s degree, I saw the opportunity to follow my dream and study a masters degree. Cyber security is a new, fresh, interesting industry that’s growing worldwide and it’s great to be a part of it."

Tom Lochore

Computer Science
Tom works as a Scrum Master, or project manager, at Datacom, a company that builds, designs, and runs IT systems for businesses.

Greg Taylor

Computer Graphic Design
"The foundational knowledge I received in design has shaped my entire career. It’s as simple as that."

Grace Nolan

Computer Science
"You can work with your passions, take something you are interested in and add computer science to it. I just want girls to know it's an option."

Sara Schaare

Computer Science
"“I love the problem-solving aspect of computer science and the challenge of finding a solution.""

Katie de Lange

Computer Science
University of Waikato alumna Katie de Lange celebrated the completion of her PhD at the University of Cambridge in July 2017.

Francine Tan

Computer Science
"My teachers back home had told me that the University’s research programme was really strong and I was pleased that it lived up to its reputation. My work with the cyber security lab helped me to fine-tune my practical skills."

Lynley St George

Computer Science, Physics
"I’ve loved my time at Waikato. I’ve never felt boxed in, I’ve been able to explore and have fun, and if I find an academic’s online profile and they’re researching something I’m interested in, I simply go and knock on their door for a chat."

Bridie McPherson

Computer Graphic Design
University of Waikato honours student Bridie McPherson is exploring how consumers react differently to typography and hand lettering.

Amanjot Kaur

Computer Science
"I’ve had so much practical exposure and learnt a lot of new skills here"

Alena Choong

Software Engineering
""After my first work placement at the Bay of Plenty Regional Council, I realised that the degree structure at Waikato prepares you to become an engineer fit for any industry.""