Bernhard Pfahringer

I'm a professor with the Computer Science Department at the University of Waikato: my CV


10 June 2020:
An empirical analysis of binary transformation strategies and base algorithms for multi-label learning
has now been published in the ML Journal.

May 2020: Covid-19 and me

1 Feb 2020: I received an Honorary Doctorate from Amity University Gurugram, India.

21 Jan 2020: "Efficient Batch-Incremental Classification Using UMAP for Evolving Data Streams"
Maroua Bahri, Bernhard Pfahringer, Albert Bifet and Silviu Maniu
has been accepted at IDA 2020.

23 Oct 2019: TAIAO: Time-Evolving Data Science / Artificial Intelligence for
Advanced Open Environmental Science will receive $13 million over 7 years.
More:, MBIE press release

18 Sept 2019: Our "Classifier Chains for Multi-label Classification"
paper from 2009 won the Test of Time Award at this year's ECMLPKDD :-)

12 Mar 2019: I was invited to give one of the 2019 Ross Ihaka Lectures:
Open source Machine Learning @ Waikato

I am an experimental Machine Learning researcher.
I enjoy building ML systems, and to measure and
evaluate them on both artificial and real world data.
The goal is to gain a better understanding of
and insights into their inner workings.
This in turn supports improvements for existing algorithms,
as well as the development of genuinely novel algorithms.
For more details see my publications, software, students below.


The Moa book (“Machine Learning for Data Streams with Practical Examples in MOA”).

Open source software

Teaching 2020
Teaching 2019

Research students 2020
Name Degree Topic
Vithya Yogarajan PhD Machine learning based information extraction from free-form medical text
Chen Zheng PhD Detecting non-obvious neuroimaging abnormalities using deep learning-based generative models
Max Mi Li PhD GPU algorithms for geometry-aware big data clustering
Attaulauh PhD Semi-supervised Deep Learning
Rajchada Chanajitt PhD Malware prediction based on memory forensics and deep learning
Zhou Johnson Zhentao PhD Predictive Maintenance for Electricity Generators and Networks
Nuwan Gunasekara PhD Stream Mining
Alan Ansell MSc End-to-end training of polysemous word embeddings

I also collaborate with some PhD students from other universities:

Name University Topic
Alex Yuxuan Peng Auckland Semi-supervised deep learning
Adriano Rivolli Sao Paolo Issues in multi-label learning
Matthias Carnein Münster Automated algorithm selection and configuration of stream clustering algorithms
Alessio Bernardo Milano Mitigating class imbalance in streaming data
Emanuele Barracchia Bari Link prediction in dynamic networks
Guilherme Cassales Santa Maria Parallel stream learning

Pronounciaton guide
Pfahringer is reasonably close to Wharinga in Te Reo Maori, or to Fariga in Samoan.

Last updated: 11 Feb 2020