Conjoint Degrees

The Conjoint degree programme is a qualification that involves the completion of two degrees concurrently. Two examples are detailed below. For more information on Conjoint degrees click here or see the University Calendar for regulations.

Bachelor of Teaching/Bachelor of Science (BTchg/BSc)

The professionally oriented BTchg degree enables students to become skilled and reflective teachers in New Zealand schools and build content knowledge in specific areas of the New Zealand Curriculum.

This programme is normally completed over four and a half years of full-time study and is available for secondary and primary teaching. Conjoint degree programmes are only available in Hamilton.

Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Management Studies (BSc/BMS)

There is a need for BSc graduates with entrepreneurial and commercial skills and for managers with a firm understanding of how science works. Combining the study of innovation, technology and mathematics with management disciplines will give graduates increased employment opportunities and additional skills to succeed in the workplace. The Bachelor of Management Studies honours programme may be included in this degree.

Degree Length

The BSc/BMS requires five years of full-time study or the equivalent in part-time study. The BSc/BMS(Hons) programme requires five and a half years of full-time study.


You will need to pass 640 points over approximately five years and the conjoint degree is usually available only within a major subject.