Applied Computing

Applied Computing at the University of Waikato gives you the practical technological skills to provide effective business solutions.  Applied Computing at Waikato emphasises hands-on opportunities to gain competence with a range of technologies including databases, website development tools, and visual software development environments.

Computer Science

Studying Computer Science at the University of Waikato, you'll learn about software systems and how people and computers interact. You’ll also learn how to create new software, and ensure it's easy for people to use.

Data Analytics

Data Analytics is the combination of Computer Science and Statistics. With the massive amount of data that is collected today, we need to have the computing skills to manipulate and extract relevant data prior to performing statistical analyses.


The Bachelor of Design offers three majors:

Communication Design

Communication Design is concerned with visually communicating messages and ideas across multiple media platforms.

Interface Design

Interface Design explores the intersection between design and code. In the rapidly-changing world of digital technologies, content is fluid, and there is a need to have interfaces that help users to navigate through complex digital experiences.

Media Design

Studying Media Design will provide you with a comprehensive education in the theory, research and design of multi-modal media content for screen and multi-media platforms.


Employers recognise University of Waikato Mathematics graduates for their analytical and problem solving skills as well as their high level of numeracy, which are critical skills for a broad range of jobs.

Software Engineering

When you study software engineering, you'll be learning about how to use a scientific and disciplined approach to designing and developing complex software systems.