Lab 5, Windows - R.G.12


Lab 5 is used by a number of Statistics papers at all levels, and for certain Computer Science papers, mostly at third year level:

  • STAT121
  • STAT160
  • STAT221
  • STAT352
  • ENGG381
  • COMP321


Software available includes Microsoft Office, Minitab, R and Weka.


The Part I Computer Laboratories (R-block and S-block Ground floor) are available to enrolled students Monday to Friday 8am to 9pm. A schedule of the laboratory hours of use are posted on the laboratory doors.

Prior to 8am, after 9pm and at weekends, a Cardax 'Swipe' card will be required for access.

Support and Help

The first line of support is your demonstrator. If you're not in a timetabled lab with a demonstrator, email, otherwise visit the Technical Support Group in R.G.20 or G.G.26.