Career Options in Computer Science and Software Engineering

Computer scientists and Software Engineers look at ways to systematically describe and transform information.

Studying Computer Science or Software Engineering at Waikato you'll learn about software systems and how people and computers interact, how to create new software, how to ensure it works well and does what it is supposed to, and how to make it easy for people to use.

A Computer Science or Software Engineering qualification will prepare you for a career in entertainment, industry, business, education and government.

The knowledge and practical skills learnt during study will support development in all of these areas. Ongoing progress in computer technology means that there is a steady need for more qualified computer professionals.

Some examples of career options with a computer science focus include:

Web Architect: design and construct an organisation's internet presence. A web architect will understand how to support a company's brand and business strategy through its website, and will be able to implement the website design that she/he creates.

Software Developer: create new software and modify existing software systems. A software developer will write, test, and debug new computer programs.

Usability Engineer: work with software developers to ensure that software is easy to use, quick to learn, and useful. A usability designer ensures that technology fits human needs, by learning what users need and using that knowledge to create better software interfaces.

Network Architect: designs and manages computer networks for a Telco, ISP or large retail company. This includes technology selection and design, provisioning the network, security management and performance analysis.


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