Career Options in Statistics

Statistics is the science of collecting data and extracting information.

Statistical analysis is used to make informed decisions in most areas of human endeavour, such as agriculture, industry and commerce, law, medicine, forestry, psychology, insurance and economics.

More than that, an understanding of statistics is essential to critical thinking: it is a skill that is useful in everyday life.

Studying Statistics makes you more aware of how data can be used and misused to persuade you to vote for a political party, to purchase consumer goods, to form opinions on social issues, and many other everyday decisions.

Statistics teaches us how to deal with variability and how to collect and use data so that we can make correct judgements. Without statistics we would have to resort to hunches or guesses.

Career Opportunities

  • Biometrics
  • Business Analysis
  • Government Statistics
  • Industrial Statistics
  • Insurance and Finance
  • Market Research
  • Medical Statistics
  • Operational Research

Job Variety

Working as a statistician often involves working with people from other areas, such as scientists from biology, agriculture or Earth sciences. You will often be acting as a trouble-shooter.

Job Satisfaction

Developing computer models that can be used to make smart decisions based on statistical data collection and analysis of a real situation is a rewarding and enjoyable experience.


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