Design Labs, Macintosh - S.G.16, S.G.17 and S.G.18.


S.G.16, S.G.17 and S.G.18 are specialist labs for the students enrolled in the Bachelor of Computer Graphic Design (BCGD). Access is restricted to BCGD students plus a small number of scheduled classes from other departments.

Microsoft Imagine

The Microsoft Imagine program (previously known as Microsoft DreamSpark) gives students currently enrolled in any University of Waikato Computer Science paper (including Computer Graphic Design papers) access to a selection of Microsoft software suitable for developers, including Windows and Visual Studio. This software is available free of charge.  Computer Graphic Design students may use Lab 2 in R Block (R.G.07) to access Microsoft Imagine if they wish.


These computers use the macOS operating system. Software installed includes the Adobe Creative Suite and some tools for 3D image creation.


The Part I Computer Laboratories (R-block and S-block Ground floor) are available to enrolled students Monday to Friday 8am to 9pm. A schedule of the laboratory hours of use are posted on the laboratory doors.

Prior to 8am, after 9pm and at weekends, a Cardax 'Swipe' card will be required for access.

Support and Help

The first line of support is your Lecturer. Otherwise please email or visit the Macintosh support person in G.G.26.