Mathematics and Statistics Lab - G.3.12


G.3.12 is mainly used by staff and graduate students in the mathematics and statistics department. It is also used during teaching for a small number of third year papers. Your lecturer will advise you if you need to use this lab.


G.3.12 contains ten computers running Linux and ten computers running Microsoft Windows. Applications includes Microsoft Office, Minitab, Mathematica, Splus, Matlab, Maple, GenStat and other specialised Mathematics and Statistics Analysis Packages.

Support and Help

Users wishing to change their password on the Linux machines should follow this link. To change your password on the Windows machines press Control-Alt-Delete and select the "Change a password..." button.

Students writing their thesis or dissertation using LaTeX may find it useful to use a thesis class file.

The first line of support is your demonstrator. If you're not in a timetabled lab with a demonstrator, email Otherwise visit the Technical Support Group in G.G.26.