UniCash is the name given to the University's charging system for computer use. It looks after the charging for printing and Internet use. Some of the courses you take may add money to your account for specific purposes, such as printing. You can also add money to the balance yourself.

Your UniCash account is made up of three sections: Cash; Print; and WWW. The only section you can add money to is the Cash balance. Money on the Cash balance pays for anything that doesn't have a specific amount against it. For instance if a course you are taking has added $5 to your print balance, that will be used for any printing you do until it runs out, then your printing will be paid for off your Cash balance. Money applied to particular balances is not transferable, if your course puts money on your print balance, that's all it can be used for, you can't use another balance to pay off your Cash balance.

How Much Will I Get Charged?

View the current network charges for the internet to find out.

Printing is charged at differing rates depending on the printer you use. The print cover page that comes with each print job will tell you how much the printer charges per page.

How Can I Check My UniCash Balance?

View my UniCash balance and history.

Where Can I Put Money On My UniCash Balance?

Money can be added to your UniCash balance at Campus Copy, the Library, the School of Education Media Centre and the ITS Help Desk.

Other Sources of Information

See ITS web page on Student Unicash Information.