Computer Accounts

Unlike other Faculty's in the University, FCMS maintain their own computer accounts. We refer to this account as your Faculty account. Other areas of the University use an account provided by ITS which we refer to as your WAIKATO account. Both accounts share the same username. It is possible for them to have separate passwords but generally users find it easier to set the same password for both accounts.

New Students - Setting Up Your Faculty Account

If this is your first year the Faculty will automatically create an account for you. This includes creating a username and a password and allocating space on the server for you to save your work. Your username is usually your initials followed by a number, e.g. John James Smith might have a username of jjs4. The number only indicates that other people before you have had these initials, e.g. jjs4 is the fourth person with the initials jjs.

If you are an undergraduate student you will be given your username when you first sign up for laboratory sessions for your courses. If you are not a first-year student or are a new staff member you will need to visit the support staff in G.G.26 to set up your account.

Your initial password will typically be the last eight digits on your Student ID card. For security reasons, it is important that you reset your password as soon as possible. You can do this by logging in to a computer using your username and initial password. You can then change your password via the Faculty password changer.

Returning Students

If you are a returning student and already know your username, it will not have changed since you last used your account. For some accounts your password will not have changed either; in other cases it may have been reset to the last eight digits of your new library barcode.

Note that your library barcode changes each year. It also changes if you are issued with a replacement ID card for any reason.

If you are unable to remember your username or password please visit the technical support staff in R.G.20 or G.G.26.

End of Semester

Faculty computer accounts are only provided for student use when currently enrolled in a relevant paper, i.e., only during semester. You will lose access to your Faculty account as soon as examinations are over each semester.

Research students, e.g., MSc or PhD students, will retain access to their accounts between semesters.

What Does It Cost?

The account itself costs nothing, but you do get charged for printing. Charging is done through your UniCash account.