Research Groups

Find out more about the research groups in the School of Computing & Mathematical Sciences, including Cyber Security Researchers of Waikato (CROW) and the CGD Research Group. Read More

Research Institutes

The Institute for Security and Crime Science incorporates four interlinked components; theories in Crime Science, modelling and analysis of data on crime and security issues in New Zealand, the use of computer science to assist evidence-based Police work, and research in psychology relevant to criminal behaviour and Police processes.

Research Projects/Areas

Find out more about the many research projects undertaken by staff and students at the School, including WEKA: The Waikato Environment for Knowledge Analysis Project, WAND: The Waikato Applied Network Dynamics Group and The University of Waikato Usability Laboratory. Read More

Research Software

Through research, the School of Computing & Mathematical Sciences has helped to develop innovative and user-friendly software, including BSOD Network Visualisation and Greenstone. Read More

Ethical Consent

If you're planning a study that involves human participants at the University of Waikato you need approval from a committee delegated from the University Human Research Ethics Committee. Read More