Research Groups & Centres

Find out more about the research groups in the School of Computing & Mathematical Sciences, including Cyber Security Researchers of Waikato (CROW) and the Design Research Group. Read More

Research Institutes

The Institute for Security and Crime Science incorporates four interlinked components; theories in Crime Science, modelling and analysis of data on crime and security issues in New Zealand, the use of computer science to assist evidence-based Police work, and research in psychology relevant to criminal behaviour and Police processes.

Te Ipu o te Mahara: The Artificial Intelligence Institute is focused on delivering real-time analytics for big data, machine learning and deep learning and have already created some of the world's most popular open source tools. Their goal is to build awareness and expertise across disciplines so we can better leverage AI for the benefit of our communities and NZ as a whole.

Research Projects/Areas

Find out more about the many research projects undertaken by staff and students at the School, including WEKA: The Waikato Environment for Knowledge Analysis Project, and MOA: Massive Online Analysis. Read More

Research Software

Through research, the School of Computing & Mathematical Sciences has helped to develop innovative and user-friendly software, including BSOD Network Visualisation and Greenstone. Read More

Ethical Consent

If you're planning a study that involves human participants at the University of Waikato you need approval from a committee delegated from the University Human Research Ethics Committee. Read More