Professional Workshop - AI for Executives

Curious about AI?  Want just taster of our short course to see if it is right for your business?

In this 2-hour Professional Workshop, you will gain a business understanding of Artificial Intelligence (AI), what it can - and cannot - do, pitfalls and fishhooks to be aware of and the impact it can have on corporate strategies.

We’ll set the scene with an introduction to AI and data science. Using case studies of AI applications in industries, we’ll delve into how companies can leverage AI to improve decision-making, automate processes to be more efficient, and detect anomalies which can potentially deliver huge cost savings.

This is a rare opportunity to hear and engage with global expert Professor Albert Bifet who is both a researcher and practitioner in industry.

Registrations now closed for this event.

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Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is ideal for executives and business leaders trying to understand the potential and capability of AI.

It will help demystify the role AI can play in guiding business decisions, allocating resources and setting strategic direction.

It will also provide insight into the content of the upcoming professional short courses which will provide more in-depth and hands-on training and ongoing mentorship.

The workshop details

The workshop is 2 hours with opportunity to network after the event.

Date: 7 October 2020

Time: 5.30PM- 7.30PM

Location: University of Waikato - Tauranga CBD Campus

Cost: $75 (This event is free, if you are a member of RHUBARB)

Professor Albert Bifet:

“AI is already transforming industry, just as electricity did 100 years ago. This workshop will look at AI and data science from an executive perspective, focusing on how companies can benefit by improving how decisions are made and becoming more efficient by automating processes and detecting anomalies.”

Registrations now closed for this event.