BRONZA was instituted in late 2017 and had its first meeting at Waikato on 17th December 2017.

Attendees and contributors were:

Alex Sims, Commercial Law, Business School, University of Auckland

Kade Morton, Senior Advisor (Security Consultant), Risk Advisory, Deloitte

Michael Delgrosso, Election Services

Steve Reeves, Professor, Computer Sciences, University of Waikato

Warwick McNaughton, Principal Adviser, Democracy Services, Deputy Electoral Officer, Auckland Council

Willy-John Martin, Capacity Development Advisor, Science for Technology Innovation, National Science Challenge, Callaghan Innovation

And further newer members:

Robert O'Brien, NZ Data Commons

Mark Moir, Oracle

The results of the meeting were mainly that there is a lot to do on blockchain in an ANZ context, and that further meetings will happen in the future.

The main goals of BRONZA emerged as:


  1. Ensuring that public and NZ interests are prioritised in blockchain development
  2. Fostering academia-based blockchain projects for NZ
  3. Lobbying for government engagement with blockchain
  4. Increasing public understanding of blockchain