Professor Steve Reeves

Professor (Computer Science)

Qualifications: BSc(Hons) PhD Birm FIITP FBCS CITPNZ

Contact Details

Room: G.1.26
Phone: +64 7 838 4398
Extension: 4398

About Steve

My BSc degree is in Mathematics, where I specialized in theoretical Computer Science, and my PhD degree is in Computer Science. My PhD thesis was on automated theorem-proving (ATP), a hard and important area within logic and artificial intelligence. After my PhD I was a Lecturer in Computer Science at the University of Essex, moving from there to being a Lecturer in Computer Science at QMW (formerly QMC) in the University of London. I moved to Waikato in January 1994 and am currently a Professor in Computer Science.

Research Interests

Having worked on ATP for my PhD, I continued that work myself, along with my PhD students, for some years. As time went on I came across other, connected, topics that were interesting and important and I gradually expanded my research into theorem-proving which required some user-interaction and also into non-standard logics which can be used to support programming. This led to work in the area of constructive type-theory, which involved a single logical system for specifying and implementing programs, and (very fashionably these days) allows for dependent types (and has transformed into Agda).

That work grew into developing a whole new basis for the formal specification language Z: the work was done jointly with Martin Henson from the University of Essex, U.K.

I have also worked with David Streader on general forms of refinement.

A strand of work which has grown in the last ten years concerns modelling and formally specifying interactive systems (particularly safety-critical ones, like small medical devices) with Judy Bowen.

I have recently started work on a project funded by Science for Technological Innovation (SfTI) to do with storing taonga and other cultural artefacts in a secure and trusted way via blockchain. I am also involved in BRONZA (Blockchain Researchers of New Zealand Aotearoa) and chaired the first meeting of this group. I am also working with colleagues in Data61 in Sydney on blockchain-related research, and colleagues at the HASLab in Minho on the interface between UX and security.

I have recently been appointed to represent NZ on the ISO working groups around the fundamentals of blockchain and various applicaitons.

Teaching Commitments

Recent Publications

  • Bowen, J., & Reeves, S. (2018). Engineering interactive systems with model-driven code contracts. In Proceedings - 25th Australasian Software Engineering Conference, ASWEC 2018 (pp. 11-20). doi:10.1109/ASWEC.2018.00010

  • Watson, N., Reeves, S., & Masci, P. (2018). Integrating user design and formal models within PVSio-Web. Electronic Proceedings in Theoretical Computer Science, EPTCS, 284, 95-104. doi:10.4204/EPTCS.284.8

  • Pilbrow, C., & Reeves, S. (2018). Characterising sound visualisations of specifications using micro-charts and refinement. In J. Lv, H. Zhang, M. Hinchey, & X. Liu (Eds.), Proc 24th Asia-Pacific Software Engineering Conference (APSEC 2017) (pp. 612-617). Conference held Nanjing, China. doi:10.1109/APSEC.2017.74 Open Access version:

  • Turner, J., Bowen, J., & Reeves, S. (2018). Simulating interaction sequences. In Proc 10th ACM SIGCHI Symposium on Engineering Interactive Computing Systems (EICS 2018) (pp. 8:1-8:7). New York, NY: ACM. doi:10.1145/3220134.3220139

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