Dr Marinho Barcellos

Senior Lecturer (Computer Science)

Qualifications: BSc(Hons) MSc UFRGS PhD Newcastle Univ

Contact Details

Room: G.1.05
Phone: +64 7 837 9642

About Marinho

In October 2019 I joined the School of Computer and Mathematical Sciences at University of Waikato. Between 2010 and 2019 I worked at INF/UFRGS University (Associate Professor) and prior to that, at Unisinos University (1993-2008) and PUC-RS University (2008-2009). I was a holder of a distinguished researcher CNPq grant Level 1D.

I have regularly contributed to the network research community by serving in multiple committees. I was a member of the ACM SIGCOMM executive committee 2017-2021, and also a co-chair of ACM SIGCOMM CARES committee. I was a member of steering committee of ACM CoNEXT 2019-2021. I have been also helping in the PAM steering committee. I was the general co-chair of ACM SIGCOMM in 2016. I have contributed time and expertise as a member of numerous Technical Program Committees of conferences: ACM CoNEXT, IEEE INFOCOM, IEEE ICNP, ACM HotNets, ACM IMC, IFIP Networking, etc.

Research Interests

My work has attacked a range of research challenges as technology evolved, covering the non-functional properties of performance, security and resilience of networked systems and their underlying protocols. Because of the relevance of cyber-security and the Internet, these have been my main focus of interest for a number of years.

My research interests include:

  • Internet measurements
  • Network security
  • Programmable data planes
  • VANETs

Here is my Google Scholar profile.

My publications are also  here, in the personal page.

Research Supervised

I have been supervising or co-supervising the following PhD students:

  • Atthapan Daramas (UoW, New Zealand)
  • Florin Zaicu (UoW, New Zealand)
  • Fabricio Mazzola (UFRGS, Brazil)
  • Felipe Boeira (LiU, Sweden)

I am fortunate to have supervised many other bright students. Contact me if you are interested in a PhD (or Masters), but please first check my recent papers to ensure we are a good match (tell me the ones that interested you and why). Sometimes I receive applications that  propose work in areas I have no expertise, such as wi-fi, which are regarded as spam.

Teaching Commitments

Recent Publications

  • Neves, M., Huffaker, B., Levchenko, K., & Barcellos, M. (2021). Dynamic property enforcement in programmable data planes. IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking. doi:10.1109/TNET.2021.3068339 Open Access version:

  • Zaicu, N. F., Luckie, M., Nelson, R., & Barcellos, M. (2021). Helix: Traffic engineering for multi-controller SDN. In Proc ACM SIGCOMM Symposium on SDN Research (SOSR '21) (pp. 80-87). New York, NY, USA: ACM. doi:10.1145/3482898.3483354

  • Müller, L., Luckie, M., Huffaker, B., claffy, K., & Barcellos, M. (2020). Spoofed traffic inference at IXPs: Challenges, methods and analysis. Computer Networks, 182, 107452. doi:10.1016/j.comnet.2020.107452

  • Marcos, P., Chiesa, M., Dietzel, C., Canini, M., & Barcellos, M. (2020). A survey on the current internet interconnection practices. Computer Communication Review, 50(1), 10-17. doi:10.1145/3390251.3390254

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