Dr Claire Timpany

Senior Lecturer (Computer Science)

Qualifications: BCGD(Hons) MCGD UCOL/Waikato PhD Waikato

Contact Details

Room: G.G.16
Phone: +64 7 838 4309
Extension: 4309

Research Interests

My main areas of interest and research are typography, print design and physical interaction design.

Because of my love for both printed books and interactivity this is predominantly where my research interests lie and how these two areas cross over.

My research is currently focussed on the way in which people interact with printed material and how the benefits of electronic media can be applied to traditional media, such as print.
This has lead me to research into how printed media, especially books can be developed and
become more beneficial, learning and applying methods from technologies being developed in the digital age.

This was explored in my Masters, which I completed at Wanganui School of Design, with a thesis titled "Applying hypertext methods to printed books" I have published papers on this research, one being presented at the AACE Ed-media conference in Vienna, Austria in 2008.

I am currently investigating the layout considerations for applying interactive methods to books and the multiple potential design solutions to this problem.

Research Publications

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Recent Publications

  • Timpany, C., Vanderschantz, N., & Turner, E. (2021). Wash, soak, rinse, spin: Adaptivity and evolution in a WIL programme. In Work-Integrated Learning New Zealand (WILNZ) Annual Conference: Work Integrated Learning on the Rise (pp. 17). Online.

  • Timpany, C. L. (2020). The space between us: how designers and the general population see typographic emphasis. In DRS2020: Synergy. Design Research Society. doi:10.21606/drs.2020.258

  • Vanderschantz, N., Timpany, C., & Wright, K. (2020). Enhancing interactivity: how has design exploration of physically and intellectually interactive picturebooks enhanced shared reading?. In S. Boess, M. Cheung, & R. Cain (Eds.), Proc Synergy - Design Research Society International Conference (DSR 2020) (pp. 513-534). Brisbane, Australia, online: Design Research Society. doi:10.21606/drs.2020.192 Open Access version:

  • Hinze, A., Timpany, C., Vanderschantz, N., & Thomson, S. (2018). Who was that? Enriched eReading through in-book visualisation. In 32nd BCS Human Computer Interaction Conference (BCS HCI 2018) (pp. 11 pages). Conference held Belfast, Northern Ireland. doi:10.14236/ewic/HCI2018.23 Open Access version:

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