Mr Keith CE Soo

Senior Lecturer (Computer Science-Visual Design)

Qualifications: DipMM NAFA BCGD(Hons) MCGD UCOL/Waikato

Contact Details

Room: G.G.18
Phone: +64 7 838 4456
Extension: 4456

About Keith

Keith Soo is currently a senior lecturer at The University of Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand.

He has spent the past 17 years working as a designer and an educator. He has experience working as a multimedia designer, from prints to motion graphics to interactive design.

Keith is also actively involved in the design and production of many of its projects and publications.

In 2010, Keith has been involved in projects for the Shanghai World Expo. He has designed a wide range of work for the Brazil, Monaco and Liverpool Pavilion, from the interior, prints and interactive.

He has also been producing interactive installation, artwork and conducts international workshops.

Research Interests

Motion graphics, interactive and web media, graphic design.

Recent Publications

  • Soo, C. -E. K. (2019). Computer graphic art of clothing. In 2019 International Symposium on Clothing: Inheritance & Innovation Intelligence-driven Fashion. Hangzhou, China.

  • Simmons, R., Apperley, M., & Soo, C. -E. K. (2019). FilmGrain. In XXII Generative Art Conference. Rome. Retrieved from

  • Simmons, R., Apperley, M., & Soo, C. -E. K. (2019). FilmGrain (No. Of Pieces: 1) [Exhibition]. Milan, Italy: Generative Art Science and Technology hard Journal. Retrieved from

  • Soo, C. -E. K. (2018). Palate 字觉. In C. Soddu, & E. Colabella (Eds.), Proc XXI Annual International Generative Art Conference (GA2018) (pp. 387). Conference held Verona, Italy.

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