Professional Short Course 1.0 - AI for Business Transformation

Curious about big data and machine learning and how they could revolutionise the way you work?

Demystifying AI is our first intensive short course, comprising 30 hours of workshops held over two parts.  Participants will gain a basic business and technical understanding of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the opportunities and risks that need to be carefully navigated along the way.

We’ll set the scene with an introduction to AI and data science then move into deep learning, clustering and the nitty gritty of how to build AI projects.  We’ll also unpack some of the big social issues around ethics, privacy, fake news and what the future holds.

This is a rare opportunity to get hands-on with AI technologies and be personally mentored by a global expert in the field. You’ll also have access to post-programme coaching to help you turn your learning into practice right away and start reaping the benefits. You’ll also become part of our alumni programme of meetups and workshops for continued support and development.

Course will be split into two parts:

Demystifying AI Part A:

This part provides a detailed introduction to AI suitable for both team leaders and tech people. We will use real world application examples, introducing major classes of algorithms and requirements, how to implement AI projects, monitor and track progress, and make corrections as needed to ensure successful project delivery.
Part A has no prerequisites

Demystifying AI Part B:

This second part of the course will be suitable for tech people, and will provide understanding of available open source tools for building AI and data systems, with hands-on sessions in the lab.
Part B prerequisites:  Material covered in Part A. No programming skills needed.

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Learn from the best

The course will be taught by renowned AI expert Professor Albert Bifet.

Albert is currently leading a $13m project working with data scientists across New Zealand, using AI to help monitor and restore our lakes, rivers, forests and estuaries.

He is a core developer of the MOA machine learning software and has more than 150 publications on machine learning methods and their applications

Who is this short course for?

This short course is a great option for employers who are keen to upskill whole teams, or individuals who are keen to lead the AI charge in their respective workplaces.

A blend of theory and hands-on practice, the ultimate goal is to enable each student to bring an AI project to fruition.

Our commitment is that you will be able to implement and action AI in your work right away.

For more information contact to register your interest.

The finer details

The course will involve 30 hours of workshops spread over two parts.

Each workshop is a mix of teaching, practice and reflection – learning by doing; and learning from each other.

Dates  To be confirmed
Part A: Two weekdays, 9am-5.30pm
Part B: Two weekdays, 9am-5.30pm
Location  University of Waikato - Tauranga CBD Campus
Cost  Part A only: $1,500 
Part A+B: $3,000

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