Machine learning expert joins Faculty

13 April 2017

Professor Stefan Kramer

Professor Stefan Kramer (centre) with (from left) Associate Professor Eibe Frank and Dean of Computing & Mathematical Sciences Professor Geoff Holmes.

Professor Stefan Kramer from the University of Mainz in Germany has recently been appointed as Honorary Professor in the Faculty of Computing and Mathematical Sciences at the University of Waikato. Professor Kramer will advise on research directions in machine learning, like stream mining and deep learning, and its applications, such as bioinformatics, cheminformatics, and computational sustainability.

Professor Kramer received his Diploma and PhD in the field of Computer Science from Vienna University of Technology. In 2003 he became Associate Professor at Technische Universität München, Munich, Germany. In 2011 he became Full Professor at the University of Mainz and subsequently in 2016 was appointed as Head of Department of Computer Science. During his time in Austria Professor Kramer spent 6 years with Siemens as a research engineer. He also spent 6 years with the Austrian Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence where he investigated methods for relational learning and applications.

Professor Kramer is a highly respected academic leader in machine learning and its applications, in particular, bioinformatics. His visits at Waikato, of which there have already been six, have always proved highly productive, as evidenced by over 20 joint research publications. Speaking about his close ties to Waikato, Professor Kramer stated "The University of Waikato is a centre for machine learning and data mining and so my time here so far has been incredibly productive. Here at the University of Mainz, we have a student exchange partnership with Waikato so becoming an Honorary Professor at the University of Waikato only strengthens our close relationship".