Seminar: Reducing Garbage Collection Interference on Containerized Clouds

14th Aug 2018 11:00am-12:00pm
Presenter/Speaker: Panagiotis (Panos) Patros, Computer Science Department, University of Waikato
Location: G.1.15

Cloud resources can be transparently shared among the clients of cloud providers. However, this can cause performance interference, leading to unpredictable behavior and poor quality of service. Applications commonly deployed on clouds use high-level languages, which provide automatic memory management, also known as Garbage Collection (GC). However, CPU utilization spikes by the GC threads can severely affect co-located tenants. This seminar discusses a technique of GC elasticity that scales down the GC threads and heap size at times of low load, while executing preemptive collections. A Java prototype was built and experimentation was conducted on top of an isolated Cloud Foundry installation using the IBM JVM/Liberty stack. This work will be presented in the IEEE SASO 2018 conference and has been docketed for patenting by IBM (CA20170039US01).

Panos Patros is a new Lecturer in the department of Computer Science. He just arrived from the University of New Brunswick in Canada where he worked with the IBM/UNB Centre of Advanced Studies - Atlantic. Panos would be delighted to meet with students and staff!

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