Seminar: Cloud Computing and Self-adaptive Management of Cloud

19 Feb 2019 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Presenter/Speaker: Vladimir Podolskiy, third year Ph.D. student, Technical University of Munich
Location: G.1.15

With the introduction of cloud computing paradigm, it became possible to rent the compute and memory resources as well as storage capacity instead of owning them. The usage of these remote resources via Internet is billed on pay-as-you-go basis, i.e. you pay only for what you really use. Both cloud services providers and the users of such services came to understanding that they need to optimize the cloud. Cloud services providers are interested in minimizing the free hardware capacity and in increasing the reliability of the cloud. Cloud users, on the other hand, are interested in getting high quality of service and in minimizing the cost of the cloud services. Difficulties of cloud and cloud applications management require a high degree of automation, which, in turn, relies on how accurate models of cloud and cloud applications are. By utilizing the vast tracing, monitoring, logs and load tests/performance data, one can approach the task of automated cloud management with the concept of self-adaptive systems. The methods and models utilized by self-adaptive systems vary a lot, they span from formal and statistical models to cutting-edge AI techniques such as long short-term memory artificial neural networks and deep learning.

In his talk, Vladimir Podolskiy, a Ph.D. student from the Technical University of Munich (Germany) will give a background about cloud computing, cloud applications, and the concepts of self-adaptive systems as they are used for managing the cloud. The aim of the talk is to highlight the opportunities that cloud provides to its users and to point out how the modeling and methods from AI can be employed to automate the management of cloud.

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