Industry Talk: Waikato ICT Ecosystem: More than just software

12th Oct 2018 2:10pm-3:00pm
Presenter/Speaker: Bruce Trevarthen, Group CEO LayerX Group
Location: G.1.15

For an ICT Industry to thrive and survive in this globalised world, technology development and innovation should not be only limited to software.  A whole ecosystem is essential, from software, hardware, to manufacturing. The talk will encompass exemplars of technologies that Bruce is working on, but also the wider context of the ICT technologies and ecosystem that exists in the Waikato.

Bruce is the Group chief executive of the Hamilton-based technology cluster known as the LayerX Group, which is focused on leveraging innovative technology solutions for business productivity improvement. Bruce has been commercially involved in technology innovation since 1995 and his desire to think outside the box and overcome the impossible provides endless motivation. He is also the current President of the Internet Service Providers Association New Zealand.

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