Industry Talk: Real-world agile software development

14 Dec 2018 2:10 PM - 3:00 PM
Presenter/Speaker: Richard Littin, Senior Software Engineer, NetValue
Location: G.1.15

Agile is a work flow system that is rapidly gaining traction as a way organize and run projects within companies and organizations. Through the use of tribes, scrums, chapters, squads, sprints and missions small groups of people from differing backgrounds and skill sets collaborate to solve problems by sharing knowledge, ideas and effort. Agile breaks down barriers in traditional management structures by sharing knowledge and decision making among team members, giving the potential to greatly speed up workflows. There is no single best way to implement the Agile process as its performance and success varies based on the organization, team makeup, skill sets, project requirements and customer expectations. From my experiences as an employee in small to medium sized businesses working on various software projects I will give my thoughts and views on the challenges of real world software development, how we have applied components of the Agile Software Development process. I will describe some of the tools we use and others we have built to aid in our software development processes.

Richard Littin PhD, gained his BCMS, MCMS and PhD in Computer Science from the University of Waikato. He has worked with a core group of software engineers for small to medium sized software development companies for the last 18 years with a focus on parallel and distributed computing, Machine Learning and Bioinformatics. During that time he has been part of several different teams working on a diverse range of software projects, across a number of application domains. Throughout his career he has actively applied Agile Software Development processes to organize, manage and deliver project outcomes.

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