Industry Talk: Healthcare - A Changing World

13 Sep 2019 2:10 PM - 3:00 PM
Presenter/Speaker: Sam Mackenzie, Executive Director, Consultant, Nova Healthcare Ltd
Location: G.1.15

Healthcare is an extremely complex industry, the art of trying to combine the human element of healthcare with the latest technology has always been challenging. In this talk Sam Mackenzie will discuss some of the human elements that are affecting implementation of IT for the benefit of general health outcomes while also being a prudent use of the taxpayer dollar. Sam will also discuss the ever-increasing importance of data and the pitfalls of collecting incorrect or corrupt data for analysis. There is often a need for a clinical understanding at the base level of the data, knowledge of multiple computer languages in order to accumulate the data correctly and then an understanding of what information is required at the other end. Often, we find ourselves trying to solve answers to questions our clients didn’t even know they had. If you have a passion for health and want to see how ICT is changing the sector for good, then join Sam in an interactive discussion highlighting the direction this industry is taking.

I have a very unique skill set combining managerial, analytical and clinical skills (nursing) while continuing to develop my wider health system, IT and governance knowledge. I have significant experience dealing with a range of stakeholders from senior management (CEOs, CFOs, CMOs, GMs P&F etc.) to staff on the floor (Doctors, Nurses, Analysts etc.) of both large and small health organisations. I have experience working with analytical programs (e.g. Excel, Qliksence etc.) and building solutions which aid in collecting and interpreting information between different stakeholder groups. Another strength is to provide automation of systems for organisations resulting in efficiencies and cost savings. I have been granted the opportunity to present at national/international conferences (including three times at HINZ and at also at RANZCO). I am very innovative, a quick learner and very IT savvy. Thinking ‘outside the box’ is my specialty.

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