Industry Talk: From Startups to Enterprises and everything in between

16th Mar 2018 2:10pm-3:00pm
Presenter/Speaker: Mark Sargent, CTO, SHIFT72
Location: G.1.15

SHIFT72 is a leader in video on demand technology. Based in Hamilton, SHIFT72 provides services to digital publishers, broadcasters, and entertainment professionals globally. Amongst SHIFT72’s offerings is the ability to stream film festivals to a global audience, all while keeping the content secure.  In this talk, Mark Sargent will introduce SHIFT72 and some of the technologies involved such as video watermarking, geo-blocking and cloud storage security.  He will also talk about his experience in guiding a startup through a fast evolving industry and share his life lessons in his journey from start ups to enterprises, and everything in between.

Mark Sargent is the current CTO at SHIFT72, a Video On Demand Platform. Mark has spent 20 years working in technical and leadership roles in the Waikato and Wellington region. When not coding, he can be found brewing beer, and playing with this kids.

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