Industry Talk: Changing times

10th Aug 2018 2:10pm-3:00pm
Presenter/Speaker: Garry Johnston, Business Design & Deployment Manager, Vodafone; Director, Digital Consultant, AlphaOne Ltd
Location: G.1.15

Historically, many people's careers were aligned around a sector or stayed within with a customer or vendor/supplier role. As work moves increasingly towards the "gig" economy, Garry's experience mirrors that which many entering the work-force will likely experience. A career, not of roles, but of specific missions, with change and diversity at the core. Garry will share his experience of modern work within the Technology sector, from the customer and vendor/supplier side, of innovation and challenges, of start-ups and global enterprises. He will also share insights around where he sees technology heading and of opportunities for research learning in our hyper-accelerated world.

Garry Johnston has a wide variety of experience in roles as diverse as Company Director, Chief Executive Officer, CIO, to Digital Consultant. He has delivered transformation and positive and enduring change throughout his career. With international experience from the largest enterprise, to the smallest startup, Garry's perspective and approach are founded on a belief of positive contribution and a commitment to make a difference. Garry's leadership experience within the Māori and education sectors complements that from the commercial and technology sector, supporting his holistic approach to change. He brings a unique perspective and approach, remaining current on the latest technologies and approaches whilst at the same time leveraging his successful track record of leadership, governance, sales, and fostering organisational growth.

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