Cyber Security Seminar: SafeToOpen: Fighting newly made phishing website

9 Nov 2018 1:10 PM - 2:00 PM
Presenter/Speaker: Maziar Janbeglou, SafeToOpen, NZ
Location: G.1.15

SafeToOpen has emerged out of a huge need to protect against phishing attacks which require its own defence strategy. Phishing attacks are not easy to detect as they grow smarter. In combination with social engineering techniques, the attack vector is very difficult to detect using conventional security controls. SafeToOpen has been designed using advanced strategies uniquely for detecting and eliminating phishing attacks. It uses security intelligence feeds as well as specially crafted algorithms to detect and respond to phishin.

SafeToOpen is proudly based in Auckland, New Zealand. Started in 2014 by Maziar while studying for his PhD at the University of Auckland. Maziar has continued to develop and enhance SafeToOpen to provide a unique service that can be used by any organisation to create an additional layer of security to protect the company and its employee’s against malicious emails and phishing tactics.

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