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Seminar: Experimental Humanities - An Adventure with Lovelace and Babbage 24 Oct 2017
The development and innovative application of digital research methods in humanities disciplines, characterised as Digital Humanities or e-Humanities, is an established feature of the e-Science and e-Research landscape. Typically these digital methods enable existing research questions to be tackled in new ways, at a scale and speed that transcend manual methods. In this talk I will present a different approach to the application of digital techniques to humanities research, a branch of experimental humanities in which digital experiments bring insight and engagement with historical scenarios and in turn influence our understanding and our thinking today. I will illustrate this through a series of experiments and demonstrations inspired by the work of Ada Lovelace and Charles Babbage, including simulation of the Analytical Engine, use of a web-based music application, construction of hardware, and reproduction of earlier mathematical results using contemporary computational methods.

Past Events

Industry Talk: How to be creative and think outside the box; How to turn innovative & creative ideas into businesses and commercial products? 6th Oct 2017
About Sandfield: Since 1988 we’ve been backing ourselves to deliver systems which leave more high-profile packages in their dust. We are a tight-knit team of more than 90 highly-capable and often quick-witted colleagues; earning the respect of some of New Zealand’s biggest corporates Mainfreight, Green Acres, Wilson Parking, CRC, KPMG, Ports of Auckland, Les Mills, and Interislander. We have a long history of building core transactional systems, critical to our client’s success. Our databases process hundreds of thousands of transactions a day. But these systems don't often stand on their own. We provide our clients systems for finance, issue management, content management, EDI, RFID, customer portals, dashboards, BI reporting, 3rd party integration, mapping, and many more. It's through our knowledge of our client's business that enables us to add value to nearly all aspects of their information systems. (Excerpt from LinkedIn)

Industry Talk: Development of an IoT Device – Commercial and Technical Aspects 29th Sep 2017
The internship required assisting in the development of the prototype “Internet of Things” wireless environmental monitoring device, and supporting the commercialisation of this device.

The Technical Roadmap involved development of an Android App, and allowed experience to be gained with Wireframes, Wireless Communication technology, Bluetooth Low Energy, and Xamarin.

Work conducted addressed integration of the IoT data with relevant cloud/analytics platforms, and evaluation of design issues and application architectures for IoT. Experience with Version Control Systems for Software (Git, Gerrit and GitKraken), Documents (Cognidox), and Project Management (Redmine) were gained. Systems and processes for software development such as Agile, Scrum and Kanban were studied.

The Business Roadmap involved evaluation of the IoT Business Opportunity, and exploration of IoT Business and Pricing Models. These provided the foundation for the completion of comprehensive Strategic, Financial & Marketing Analyses for the prototype device, with strategic options and recommendations presented. A Strategic Framework for implementation was developed. Outputs from the internship are a comprehensive Business Plan for commercialisation of the IoT device.