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Upcoming Events 

Cyber Security and Modern Business Short Course 22 Mar 2018
This short course provides Directors, CEOs and Managers with a practical toolkit to take back to their businesses, building understanding of key cyber threats and more importantly, knowing what questions to ask of their organisations to ensure business continuity in the modern world.

Seminar: Trust and Taonga: might blockchain be a good way to preserve cultural treasure? 27 Mar 2018

This seminar first introduces the underlying ideas behind, and then some properties of, blockchain. We will include a little history so that we can see where the idea came from—it’s a synthesis of some quite old work!

We will then look at a few current uses for blockchain, and perhaps mention a few things it probably should not be used for (since it’s perhaps just fashionable overkill).

Finally we will look at the aims of the SfTI project that I’m (slowly) working on, and see why it might turn out to be an interesting use of blockchain.

Training: NZISCS (ISC)2 CISSP CBK Seminar 30 Apr 2018
The CISSP certification is ideal for security practitioners, managers and executives interested in proving their knowledge across a wide array of security practices and principles. All courses will be led by (ISC)²-certified members of the New Zealand chapter who have gone through a qualification process to become an (ISC)2-authorized instructor.

Past Events

Industry Talk: From Startups to Enterprises and everything in between 16th Mar 2018
SHIFT72 is a leader in video on demand technology. Based in Hamilton, SHIFT72 provides services to digital publishers, broadcasters, and entertainment professionals globally. Amongst SHIFT72’s offerings is the ability to stream film festivals to a global audience, all while keeping the content secure. In this talk, Mark Sargent will introduce SHIFT72 and some of the technologies involved such as video watermarking, geo-blocking and cloud storage security. He will also talk about his experience in guiding a startup through a fast evolving industry and share his life lessons in his journey from start ups to enterprises, and everything in between.

Industry Talk: Why Waikato is New Zealand's best kept secret for technology underdog stories, but not for long 9th Mar 2018

Hollywood knows that underdog stories draw crowds. Movies where an unlikely hero triumphs over trolls and haters and leaves us cheering in our seats because it's so darn relatable to our own story. Or at least a story we're currently writing.

In this talk, Rachel Kelly shares her own underdog story in science and technology. As a student at a decile 3 Hamilton school to managing millions of dollars and hundreds of global business units in High-Tech California. Then returning to the Waikato to help found an award-winning technology start up. Learn why it's the best time to be in the Waikato to nurture your own story, to understand the state of technology within this region, how to find your path, and the growing demand for local tech talent at companies poised for the global stage.

Seminar: An introduction to the Singapore Centre for Computational Law 9th Mar 2018

Meng Weng will head the soon-to-be-established Singapore Centre for Computational Law. In this seminar he will will share his plans for the centre, explain just what is meant by Computational Law, and explore opportunities for collaboration which could include some kind of short-term exchange program for undergrad / grad students, postdocs, and faculty over the next few years possibly as part of a master's or PhD program.

Specifically, the centre is looking for expertise in:

NLG - Natural Language Generation (currently using,
PLT - Programming Language Theory (language design with an eye to usability, with first-class support for deontic, temporal, and epistemic modal operators)
FV - Formal Verification (see Model Checking Contracts)
AI - not the ML branch but the rule-based expert systems branch; keywords include defeasible logic, LegalRuleML, Flora-2
Visualization - isomorphism with the UML family of SBVR, BPMN, BPEL diagram languages

Where grants are concerned, the centre’s founders have a strong story of Pasteur's Quadrant innovation building toward a foundational open layer for LegalTech industry applications. In Singapore the centre has received in-principle approval of a $10M research program to run for 5 years; perhaps that could strengthen the argument for NZ funding toward an international collaboration.