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Upcoming Events 

Seminar: CyberHacking - Movies vs Reality 27 Sep 2018
You know what hacking looks like in the movies, but what does it look like in real life? This will be a presentation showing the differences (and similarities!) between hacking in the movies and real life, including a few live demos.

International Conference On Asia-Pacific Digital Libraries 2018 19 Nov 2018
Since its beginnings in Hong Kong in 1998, ICADL has become one of the premiere international conferences for digital library research. ICADL 2018 at the University of Waikato in New Zealand offers a valuable opportunity for researchers, educators, and practitioners to share their experiences and innovative developments. The main theme of ICADL 2018 is “Maturity and Innovation in Digital Libraries”.

Australasian Conference on Combinatorial Mathematics and Combinatorial Computing 2018 10 Dec 2018
41ACCMCC will follow a similar format to previous conferences in the ACCMCC annual series, which is overseen by the Combinatorial Mathematics Society of Australasia (CMSA) and began in 1972. The conference programme will include keynote speakers, contributed talks in parallel sessions, a conference dinner and presentation of the CMSA student prize, and the CMSA Annual General Meeting.

Past Events

Industry Talk: What happens next is up to you 14th Sep 2018
In this talk, Mike Maclean will present an introduction to Genesis Energy and how Cyber Security is managed within a large and complex corporate. Mike will also look back over the last 30 years and the challenges going into the next 30 years; the world ICT students will be heading into and building. Lastly, he will provide an overview of the types of Cyber Security roles within Genesis and the industry, as well as advice on how to survive in the Security field.

Industry Talk: Building and Managing High-Performing Software Development Teams 7th Sep 2018
Highly efficient and effective software development teams are essential for successful ICT businesses. In his talk, Jonathan Macpherson will share his journey in building high performance development teams, as well as his experience in maintaining best development practices and patterns at TALKINGTECH. TALKINGTECH is a Hamilton-based company which has revolutionised the payments and collections industry for 30 years. Jonathan will also provide insights into what it means to be passionate about software development; and what graduates should be considering when embarking on their ICT careers.

Industry Talk: Where should I start? Build the engine or the car? 17th Aug 2018
When building software products we can gain huge insight from other, more established, engineering disciplines and ecosystems to make decisions on the direction the software engineering will take. This is especially useful for helping assess the economics, risk and reward of each software project and product we are about to create.

Seminar: Reducing Garbage Collection Interference on Containerized Clouds 14th Aug 2018
Cloud resources can be transparently shared among the clients of cloud providers. However, this can cause performance interference, leading to unpredictable behavior and poor quality of service. Applications commonly deployed on clouds use high-level languages, which provide automatic memory management, also known as Garbage Collection (GC). However, CPU utilization spikes by the GC threads can severely affect co-located tenants. This seminar discusses a technique of GC elasticity that scales down the GC threads and heap size at times of low load, while executing preemptive collections. A Java prototype was built and experimentation was conducted on top of an isolated Cloud Foundry installation using the IBM JVM/Liberty stack. This work will be presented in the IEEE SASO 2018 conference and has been docketed for patenting by IBM (CA20170039US01).