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Upcoming Events 

Global Game Jam 2018 26 Jan 2018
The Global Game Jam (GGJ) is a 48 hour game jam that takes place nearly simultaneously all over the world during a 72 hour period (adjusted to suit local time zones)!

Cyber Security and Modern Business Short Course 22 Mar 2018
This short course provides Directors, CEOs and Managers with a practical toolkit to take back to their businesses, building understanding of key cyber threats and more importantly, knowing what questions to ask of their organisations to ensure business continuity in the modern world.

Past Events

Industry Talk: Mixed reality applications for construction 8th Dec 2017
The terms augmented and virtual reality are getting a lot of coverage in the technology media at the moment but mixed reality has the greatest business potential as it gives users the ability to see 3D digital projections in real space and in the context of user requirements. Developers are already building applications that can digitally project designs into real spaces, display processing machine diagnostics, provide data visualisation tools, and use 3D exploded visualisation to support maintenance. Our mixed reality development has focused on building an application for the Microsoft HoloLens that overlay 3D models over real buildings so that construction teams can how a building is to be built and where services are to be fitted. This talk will cover what mixed reality is, development process, problems encountered with mixed reality development as well as an explanation and demo of our HoloLens application (BIM Holoview).

Seminar: Experimental Humanities - An Adventure with Lovelace and Babbage 24th Oct 2017
The development and innovative application of digital research methods in humanities disciplines, characterised as Digital Humanities or e-Humanities, is an established feature of the e-Science and e-Research landscape. Typically these digital methods enable existing research questions to be tackled in new ways, at a scale and speed that transcend manual methods. In this talk I will present a different approach to the application of digital techniques to humanities research, a branch of experimental humanities in which digital experiments bring insight and engagement with historical scenarios and in turn influence our understanding and our thinking today. I will illustrate this through a series of experiments and demonstrations inspired by the work of Ada Lovelace and Charles Babbage, including simulation of the Analytical Engine, use of a web-based music application, construction of hardware, and reproduction of earlier mathematical results using contemporary computational methods.

Industry Talk: How to be creative and think outside the box; How to turn innovative & creative ideas into businesses and commercial products? 6th Oct 2017
About Sandfield: Since 1988 we’ve been backing ourselves to deliver systems which leave more high-profile packages in their dust. We are a tight-knit team of more than 90 highly-capable and often quick-witted colleagues; earning the respect of some of New Zealand’s biggest corporates Mainfreight, Green Acres, Wilson Parking, CRC, KPMG, Ports of Auckland, Les Mills, and Interislander. We have a long history of building core transactional systems, critical to our client’s success. Our databases process hundreds of thousands of transactions a day. But these systems don't often stand on their own. We provide our clients systems for finance, issue management, content management, EDI, RFID, customer portals, dashboards, BI reporting, 3rd party integration, mapping, and many more. It's through our knowledge of our client's business that enables us to add value to nearly all aspects of their information systems. (Excerpt from LinkedIn)