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Waikato University computer science students help Africa medical charity

17 Dec 2020

An international charity which finds sponsorship for medical students to study in Africa has had a helping hand from a team of Waikato University computer science students

Global experts converge to unleash potential of AI for finance sector

18 Nov 2020

The University of Waikato is launching a new event series designed to showcase the transformative potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for specific industries, bringing together leading experts from around the world.

Gallagher scholarship recipient keen to help others through cyber security

9 Nov 2020

Computer science student Leo Oliver-Dowling has been tinkering with computers since he was 13. Now, his skills have been rewarded with a postgraduate scholarship worth $20,000.

Discover AI and help shape New Zealand's future

20 Oct 2020

Do you ever wonder how Siri or Alexa pull information from the web, turn on home appliances and perform everyday tasks for us? It’s all down to Artificial Intelligence (AI) – the ability of machines to seemingly think for themselves.

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