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From telephone technician to app creator 22 Sep 2017

The University of Waikato’s literary journal Mayhem is now available on an app. It’s thanks to one of the university’s mature students Stephen Outram who developed and produced the app as part of a directed study.

Three very Smart Ideas 22 Sep 2017

University of Waikato researchers have won three lots of funding from the government worth nearly three million dollars.

Digital citizenship - empowerment v control in the classroom 16 Aug 2017

Becoming a BYOD school sounds like a sensible idea but if you’re going to do it successfully, it requires careful planning and a solid understanding of online safety and the relatively new Harmful Digital Communications Act (HDCA).

Potential in the blockchain 10 Aug 2017

The blockchain is nothing new to computer scientists, but its technology keeps changing and its potential is under-developed.

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Seminar: Experimental Humanities - An Adventure with Lovelace and Babbage 24 Oct 2017
The development and innovative application of digital research methods in humanities disciplines, characterised as Digital Humanities or e-Humanities, is an established feature of the e-Science and e-Research landscape. Typically these digital methods enable existing research questions to be tackled in new ways, at a scale and speed that transcend manual methods. In this talk I will present a different approach to the application of digital techniques to humanities research, a branch of experimental humanities in which digital experiments bring insight and engagement with historical scenarios and in turn influence our understanding and our thinking today. I will illustrate this through a series of experiments and demonstrations inspired by the work of Ada Lovelace and Charles Babbage, including simulation of the Analytical Engine, use of a web-based music application, construction of hardware, and reproduction of earlier mathematical results using contemporary computational methods.

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