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Discover AI and help shape New Zealand's future

20 Oct 2020

Do you ever wonder how Siri or Alexa pull information from the web, turn on home appliances and perform everyday tasks for us? It’s all down to Artificial Intelligence (AI) – the ability of machines to seemingly think for themselves.

New research seeks to transform data ecosystems to benefit indigenous peoples

29 Sep 2020

A team of University of Waikato researchers have successfully secured $6m funding over four years in the latest Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) Endeavour Fund round.

Waikato researchers receive $26.9m in MBIE Endeavour funding

17 Sep 2020

The University of Waikato has successfully secured funding for three projects, worth a total of $26.9m, in the latest MBIE Endeavour Fund round.

$12.5m project to reduce greenhouse gas emissions using ‘digital twin’ technology

16 Sep 2020

University of Waikato School of Engineering Professor Michael Walmsley will lead a seven-year research programme to reduce energy-related greenhouse gas emissions, thanks to $12.5m in funding from the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment.

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