Rebekka Marsh

BCMS(Hons) in Computer Science

Rebekka Marsh

Technical Analyst, SMS Project, University of Waikato

After completing my degree I began working on a Student Management System project at the University of Waikato. I build student and staff facing components of an online portal, as well as behind the scenes processes for staff.  My job involves interacting with not only project staff, but staff throughout the University as well as external contractors. This means I am constantly learning new things and adapting my way of looking at problems which need solving.

Being a recent graduate of Waikato really prepared me for my role.  The knowledge I gained from my classes has been invaluable in my job - I took several web design papers throughout my degree and just having that understanding is hugely beneficial.

I knew I wanted to study Computer Science from an early age and when it came to applying to Universities, Waikato seemed like the obvious choice as I had heard great things about their Computer Science department. The University has such a wide variety of specialisations to choose from and also a great selection of papers, which was ideal as it allowed me to focus on learning the things I'm interested in.