Melissa Sutjipto

BSc in Mathematics / Finance / BSc(Hons) in Mathematics

Melissa Sutjipto

Actuarial Analyst, Sovereign Insurance

Melissa's position at Sovereign Insurance gives her plenty of variety - from building and maintaining databases and spread sheets to valuation, reporting, and dealing with ad-hoc projects and queries.

"As an actuarial analyst in the Financial Reporting team, there is no such thing as a typical day - that's what I like about it. I'm working towards becoming a fully qualified actuary, so outside work, a lot of my free time is spent studying."

To be an actuary, you need to have a strong degree in maths or stats so you can sit actuarial exams and become a member of the New Zealand Society of Actuaries. "I'm well on the way to doing that. Waikato prepared me well for a career in this field."

Actuaries predict and assess the financial risks and impacts of future events.