The School of Computing and Mathematical Sciences currently has two departments:

Computer Science

The Department of Computer Science at the University of Waikato has a strong international reputation for both its teaching and research. It offers a comprehensive range of courses in computing and is involved in a wide range of exciting and innovative research that transcend the boundary between theory and practice.

Studying Design with us will equip you with a unique combination of design and coding skills.

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Mathematics and Statistics

Mathematics is a subject of vital importance that underpins many activities of our modern world. Employers recognise University of Waikato Mathematics graduates for their analytical and problem solving skills as well as their high level of numeracy, which are critical skills for a broad range of jobs.

Studying Statistics at the University of Waikato will help you to become a critical decision maker in industry. You'll know how to collect and analyse data to lead organisations to informed decisions rather than just hunches or guesses.

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