"Not craftsmen, my lord," he said.
"I have no use for people who have learned the limits of the possible."

Leonard of Quirm
The last hero, Terry Pratchett


  • ADAMS (Advanced Data mining and Machine learning System) [www] [youtube]
  • python-weka-wrapper [pypi] [github]
  • python-weka-wrapper3 [pypi] [github]
  • MEKA: A Multi-label Extension to WEKA - contributor (experiments, GUI) [www]
  • Weka - maintainer (09/2005-06/2007) and contributor (since 2004) [www]
  • MOA (Massive Online Analysis) - contributor [www]
  • Semi-Supervised Learning and Collective Classification [www]
  • jfilechooser-bookmarks [www]
  • sizeofag (SizeOf Agent) - mavenization [www]
  • many more on github (curated list)


  • Kepler and Ptolemy II (aka KeplerWeka) [www]
  • Weka Proper (Master's Thesis) [www] [pdf] [ps]
  • vfsjfilechooser2 (JFileChooser alternative) - mavenization/maintenance [www]