Computer Science Papers

Papers Overview

To complete a major in Computer Science for the BCMS, students must gain 180 points above 100 level in Computer Science, including COMP200, COMP202, COMP203, COMP204, COMP235, at least 120 points above 200 level, and at least 60 points above 300 level.

To complete a major in Computer Science for the BSc and BSc(Tech), students must gain 120 points above 100 level in Computer Science, including COMP200, COMP202, COMP203, COMP204, COMP235, and at least 60 points above 200 level.

As well as the 100 level prerequisites specified for papers at 200 level and above, it is recommended that students intending to major in Computer Science include STAT121 in the first year of their programme of study.

Within the BSc major in Computer Science, a specialisation in Applied Computing is available. Also available within the BSc and BCMS are recommended programmes of study that focus on particular aspects of Computer Science such as Artificial Intelligence, Computer Technology, Data Mining, Games and Multimedia, Information Systems, Interaction Design, Internet Applications, Networks and Software Development.

2017 Papers

400 Level Papers 
COMP402 Cryptography Paper Outline (Latest Available)
COMP413 Topics in Computer Networks Paper Outline (Latest Available)
COMP414 Carrier and ISP Networks Paper Outline (Latest Available)
COMP418 Cyber Security Paper Outline (Latest Available)
COMP421 Machine Learning Algorithms Paper Outline (Latest Available)
COMP423 Data Stream Mining Paper Outline (Latest Available)
COMP426 Engineering Interactive Systems Paper Outline (Latest Available)
COMP427 Cloud Computing Technologies and Security Paper Outline (Latest Available)
COMP432 Information Visualisation Paper Outline (Latest Available)
COMP439 Usability Engineering Paper Outline (Latest Available)
COMP442 Web Search: Technical and Social Issues Paper Outline (Latest Available)
COMP443 Information Management Paper Outline (Latest Available)
COMP448 Developing Mobile Applications Paper Outline (Latest Available)
COMP450 Location-Based Systems as Context-Aware Systems Paper Outline (Latest Available)
COMP452 Model Checking Paper Outline (Latest Available)
COMP453 Extremely Parallel Programming Paper Outline (Latest Available)
COMP454 Specification Languages and Models Paper Outline (Latest Available)
COMP455 Bioinformatics Paper Outline (Latest Available)
COMP456 Metaheuristic Algorithms Paper Outline (Latest Available)
COMP460 Turing Topics in Computer Science Paper Outline (Latest Available)
COMP477 Report of an Investigation Paper Outline (Latest Available)
Available Projects
ENEL417 Mechatronics Paper Outline (Latest Available)

Prescriptions for the GradCert(CompSc) and GradDip(CompSc)

A Graduate Certificate and Graduate Diploma are available to graduates who have not included Computer Science at an advanced level in their first degree.
For further details, contact the Faculty of Computing and Mathematical Sciences Office.

Prescriptions for the BCMS(Hons), PGCert(CompSc), PGDip(CompSc), BSc(Hons), MCS, MSc, MSc (Research) and MSc(Tech)

Most 500 level papers correspond to papers taught at 400 level. Students attend the same lectures, but additional assessment may be prescribed for 500 level students. Students in masters degrees are normally required to take a thesis and a selection of papers. Enrolment in papers towards the BSc(Hons) is only by invitation of the Chairperson. Candidates for these graduate qualifications should select their papers in consultation with the Graduate Adviser of the Department of Computer Science.

To complete a BSc(Hons) in Computer Science, students must complete 120 points at 500 level, including at least 60 points from the papers listed for Computer Science, of which at least 30 points must be in research (normally COMP591).

The compulsory papers for the Master of Cyber Security degree are COMP518, COMP527, either COMP592 or COMP593, LAWS526, and one of COMP501, COMP513 or COMP514.

500 Level Papers 
COMP502 CryptographyPaper Outline (Latest Available)
COMP513 Topics in Computer NetworksPaper Outline (Latest Available)
COMP514 Carrier and ISP NetworksPaper Outline (Latest Available)
COMP518 Cyber SecurityPaper Outline (Latest Available)
COMP520 Report of an InvestigationAvailable Projects
COMP521 Machine Learning AlgorithmsPaper Outline (Latest Available)
COMP523 Data Stream MiningPaper Outline (Latest Available)
COMP526 Engineering Interactive SystemsPaper Outline (Latest Available)
COMP527 Cloud Computing Technologies and SecurityPaper Outline (Latest Available)
COMP532 Information VisualisationPaper Outline (Latest Available)
COMP539 Usability EngineeringPaper Outline (Latest Available)
COMP542 Web Search: Technical and Social IssuesPaper Outline (Latest Available)
COMP543 Information ManagementPaper Outline (Latest Available)
COMP548 Developing Mobile ApplicationsPaper Outline (Latest Available)
COMP550 Location-Based Systems as Context-Aware SystemsPaper Outline (Latest Available)
COMP552 Model CheckingPaper Outline (Latest Available)
COMP553 Extremely Parallel ProgrammingPaper Outline (Latest Available)
COMP554 Specification Languages and ModelsPaper Outline (Latest Available)
COMP555 BioinformaticsPaper Outline (Latest Available)
COMP556 Metaheuristic AlgorithmsPaper Outline (Latest Available)
COMP560 Turing Topics in Computer SciencePaper Outline (Latest Available)
COMP568 Programming for IndustryPaper Outline (Latest Available)  
COMP569 Programming with Web TechnologiesPaper Outline (Latest Available)  
COMP575 Programming for Research 1Paper Outline (Latest Available)
COMP576 Programming for Research 2Paper Outline (Latest Available)
COMP585 Research in Computer Science 1Paper Outline (Latest Available)
COMP586 Research in Computer Science 2Paper Outline (Latest Available)
COMP587 Information Technology Communication for IndustryPaper Outline (Latest Available)
COMP591 Dissertation (1 Paper)Available Projects
COMP592 Dissertation (2 Papers)Available Projects
COMP593 Computer Science Thesis (3 papers) 
COMP594 Computer Science Thesis (4 Papers) 
ENEL517 MechatronicsPaper Outline (Latest Available)  
ENGG501 Control Theory and Image ProcessingPaper Outline (Latest Available)
LAWS526 Legal Aspects of Cyber SecurityPaper Outline (Latest Available)