Seminar: The Internet of Things as a driver for behaviour change in water, energy, and transport in a developing context

9th Aug 2017 11:00am-12:00pm
Presenter/Speaker: Professor Thinus Booysen, Stellenbosch University, South Africa
Location: G.1.15

With the promise of all things being connected, comes the promise of people being informed in real-time with hitherto veiled or much delayed information. This is expected to lead to decisions that are more socially and environmentally responsible, in addition to increasing convenience for the users. We leverage the recent developments technology to develop novel solutions for the areas of water consumption, energy consumption, and driver behaviour. These fields are especially nascent in the developing world (read sub-Saharan Africa), which is an unfortunate nexus of information scarcity, uninformed users, limited natural resources, and high road fatalities. Although these area of application are disparate, we have managed to significantly affect behaviour in each field, with results showing respectively 20% reduction in informal public transport speeding, 29% reduction in energy used for water heating, and a whopping 67% reduction in water consumption. With all the solutions being developed in-house from transistor to web site, we have also spun out a company that is gaining traction and providing employment for eager students.

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