Industry Talk: Looking back - From Augmented Reality Developer to IT Business Owner

18th Aug 2017 2:10pm-3:10pm
Presenter/Speaker: Claudia Hill, CEO & Co-Owner, Room9
Location: G.1.15

Information and communications technology (ICT) is a major sector in New Zealand, with about 75,000 people employed in ICT roles (and growing!). The top three highest-paying jobs advertised on Trade Me in 2017 were IT related and all with a median salary of over $100,000. It is an exciting and ever changing industry with a huge potential for those individuals who choose a profession in IT, but also for New Zealand as a country. Claudia will share her personal story, from the decision to choose a career in IT to how she ended up running her own web software design and development company. Claudia’s career in IT began in 2000 when she decided to study Media Technology and Design in Austria. She will explain what brought her to New Zealand, why she chose a path of self-employment and the steps she took to start her own business.

Claudia Hill is CEO and co-owner of Room9, a Hamilton based web software design and development company. Claudia comes from a technical background. In 2000, she studied ‘Media Technology and Design’ at the University of Applied Science in Hagenberg, Austria. She came to New Zealand in 2003 to work for the HIT Lab (Human Interface Technology Lab) in Christchurch as a developer and 3D modeler. Her augmented reality virtual 3D pop up book, which she built during her time at the HITLab, in cooperation with Gavin Bishop, received national recognition. In 2005 she moved to Hamilton where she later started her business, Room9.

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