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Seminar: Becoming your own Digital CEO Through Culture, Experiences/Education and Opportunity 24 Mar 2017
Want a top job? Or just a job? Want to be a CEO one day? First thing you do is start a business today. I’ll talk about this and more in my presentation. Secondly is to develop the following 3 (personal and professional) portfolios:

Culture – know who you are and where you’re from,
Experiences – discover, embrace, celebrate and learn from them, and
Opportunities– recognise opportunities that are around you everyday.

Overseas travel for personal and professional work broadens your world perspective and helps you appreciate your country, your culture and your place within them. Embracing new and different experiences widens your skillset and makes you multi-faceted. Change jobs, continuously learn, and celebrate change be it good or bad, because both will help you grow.

Opportunities appear around you all the time, you have to recognise them, chase them and make them - you gotta learn to ‘hustle’.

Your life is your first real company, your first business. You’ve chosen to be a digital CEO by being here, on this educational pathway. As a CEO, you’ve got to have a strategy and start executing!

Guest Lecture: A Day in the Life of an Information Security Manager 30 Mar 2017

Stephen Coates has worked in the IT industry ever since he left school to start as a student apprentice. Having completed his Bachelor's degree at Sheffield City Polytechnic, Stephen has been an enthusiastic distance learner, earning a Postgraduate Diploma with the Open University and converting it to a Master's degree with the University of Portsmouth. He is presently finishing his MBA with Edinburgh Business School. Stephen is a Chartered IT Professional and a keen member of ITP, IT Professionals New Zealand; last year he was elected to serve on its National Board.

For the past five and a half years, Stephen has been working in Hamilton as an Information Security Manager; his first three years in New Zealand were at Waikato District Health Board, before joining Gallagher Group. But, aside from health and manufacturing, his career has included stints in railway signalling, the defence industry, cross-channel ferries, power and gas, and education. Working in information security, Stephen is now the holder of an armful of certifications from the likes of (ISC)2, ISACA, SANS/GIAC and CSA.

His talk will begin with how he approached gaining CISSP certification. Then, as he steps through his journey to becoming an Information Security Manager, he will outline some of the more successful approaches he has seen or taken, and also some of the worst mistakes he has seen or made along the way.

University of Waikato Open Day 19 May 2017
The University of Waikato invites you to join us at our 2017 Open Day. 

Past Events

Seminar: ICTs and Inequality - New Zealand’s Role in a Global Perspective 17th Mar 2017
Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) are usually lauded as being the solution to many global problems, being unquestionably positive, and certainly contributing to the reduction of poverty through their impact on economic growth. However, they also have a much darker side, and in particular have contributed very significantly to increasing global inequality at a range of scales. Drawing on his experiences as UNESCO Chair in ICT for Development, and as Secretary General of the Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation, this seminar highlights what needs to be done for ICTs to be used positively and creatively to help empower poor people and marginalised communities, especially people with disabilities and out-of-school youth. Small island states are often ignored in international agreements relating to ICTs, and New Zealand has significant experience of the specific challenges faced by them in developing their ICT sectors. The seminar will also explore some of the opportunities for New Zealand academics and the private sector to play a greater role in using ICTs to reduce, rather than increase, inequalities.

Seminar: A Markov Random Field Model for Entity-Relationship Retrieval 2nd Mar 2017
The goal of this work is the effective retrieval of entity relationships from large corpora of unstructured texts. We consider entities of any type, i.e., characterized by context terms instead of a predefined category, and retrieve entity tuples based on specified relationships. Recent approaches to ad-hoc entity retrieval have demonstrated that using Markov Random Field (MRF) Models to incorporate term dependencies can improve search performance. That suggests that MRF could be used to model dependencies between entities and facilitate relationship retrieval over unstructured texts. Thus, we create an Entity-Relationship Dependency Model (ERDM) and an index of entity and relationship context vectors that allow us to implement several retrieval methods. Experiments with a large Web collection (ClueWeb-09-B) and 267 relationship queries show that ERDM consistently outperforms several baseline methods, including the language models. The model is extensible to support complex queries with multiple entities and relationships. This is joint work with Pedro Saleiro, Natasa Milic-Frayling and Eduarda Mendes Rodrigues.

Orientation Week 20th Feb 2017
Orientation week is an exciting time to familiarise yourself with your campus, make new friends and set yourself up for the start of a busy year. With a week full of mini lectures, campus activities and free giveaways, you’ll have everything you need to start your university journey.