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Unicash Information

If you print or browse the World Wide Web, you could be paying for it. Currently the charged services are:

  • Web surfing, when you have to type in your username and password the first time you request an external web site.
  • Printing in RG and GB.

The current rate for all proxy traffic is:

  • 5.5 cents per Megabyte (24/7).

All your web charges are added up at the end of the day and taken off your Nigel balance the next morning.

If you are using a web browser in G Block and you are asked for your password when you visit an external website, use the password you use to collect mail (which is also the password you use to log in to Unix machines).

How do I check my Nigel balance?

  • Look at the balance line on the banner that printed after your last print job. It will tell you your print balance.
  • Use the UniCash Teller off of this page. You will be asked for your ITS password (first-year students use it to read email, and Maths and Stats students use it to surf the web).
  • If you are using a Linux workstation, run nigelbalance. Look for the line that begins with the type you are interested in (print or www, for instance). If it is covered, a University Department is paying your costs. If it says course credit, you will be paying your own costs once that balance reaches zero.

When is my balance updated?

Your print balance is checked before each print job, and deducted when it finishes. That way we can stop you printing when you're in debt.

Why can I surf, but not print?

The world wide web works a little differently. We can't update your Nigel history every time you click on a link - it takes too long. Instead we total up your web surfing costs for the day and deduct your WWW balance in one hit the next morning.

Where do I go to put money into my Unicash account?

ITS have provided this map which shows you the various outfits on campus where you can add to your Unicash balance.

I need more info!

Check out ITS's here to find out what services are currently being charged for.

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